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A Refreshing Approach to Total Site Transformation

“Total Site Transformation” as it relates to energy efficient lighting and other energy consuming components is a refreshing solution offered to the commercial and industrial sectors by Westside Solutions Incorporated (WSI).  This solution is built upon systems that WSI has developed, employed, and improved upon for over 22 years within the US and European OEM Automotive Supply Chain.

Specifically, WSI has identified, vetted, and developed a complete “suite” of products for the commercial and industrial marketplace, resulting in the concept of “Total Site Transformation”. Once completed, an existing site is truly transformed – both visually and financially, and typically delivers approximately 35-45% annual rate of return (IRR) on initial investment.

In a practical sense, this is accomplished by WSI managing the project from start to finish vs. location owners coordinating the elements themselves. WSI completes detailed surveys from which approved products are ordered, installation services are scheduled/completed (including on site trouble shooting), all while simultaneously processing all local utility rebate paperwork (where applicable). Finally, a post-installation inspection is completed prior to final invoicing to verify a standard of excellence has been accomplished.

Every product that WSI offers has a 5-10 year full replacement warranty, with all LED products third party tested/validated to last approximately 173,000 hours of operating time (well over 15 years). Furthermore, WSI offers 2 years of free labor services on any products that fail within the first 24 months after installation.

As an example of the “Total Site Transformation” concept, WSI has a program called “Curb to Cooler” from which over 200 corporately owned or dealer operated C Store locations around the country have been completed during the period of early June, 2013 to early September, 2014.  These “Curb to Cooler” projects were all accomplished with minimal involvement from the end customer/C Store operator. See the letter from one of these customers within the reference section of the WSI website that speaks to the solution that WSI offers/delivers.

The entire WSI team is dedicated to complete customer satisfaction, and it strives for a standard of excellence that is unsurpassed within the commercial and industrial market space. WSI looks forward to partnering with your organization in a highly effective and refreshing manner toward the goal of “Total Site Transformation”.


Andy Hinkley


Westside Solutions Incorporated