Your business has every incentive to go solar. From the federal and state tax incentives to the positive environmental impact, your upfront costs are reduced and your impact is long-lasting.

The state provides tax incentives, property tax exemption, and utility compensation for businesses that switch to solar. Federally, investment tax credits received could be worth up to 30 percent of the system’s cost.

What are the Economic Benefits?

Both new technology and subsequent policies have made switching to solar the obvious choice for many business owners. Solar panels are not only more efficient and cost-effective, but the tax credits and other financial benefits have only been improving over time. With systems these days running smoothly for 25 years or longer with no maintenance, your energy will pay for itself many times over before your warranty ends. It’s time to jump on this opportunity.

Thorough Assessment

Allow us to figure out the best location and design for your new solar panel system. At Westside Solutions, we consider all aspects of your business to find the right option. From optimal placement and orientation to chosen electrical inverters, we ensure your design is efficient and long-lasting. Our team takes a close look at your current electrical needs, as well as your energy usage history. From there, we provide a suggested plan to help you balance your energy usage with incoming solar energy.

Implementing Energy the Right Way

We make every design decision with a specific intent — to ensure your system lasts for decades to come. While many systems adhere to codes and regulations, that doesn’t make them efficient or prepared to last. From examining wire sizes to checking each of our materials carefully, we ensure that all electricity your system generates is kept and used. Never cutting corners and never compromising, Westside Solutions is on your side.

Superior Installation

We use only the highest-quality products on the market with the best possible warranties. Why? Our business understands what your business needs to succeed. Each system was designed to work for your needs; they reflect on our dedication to giving back to the business owners in our community. We promise to install each photovoltaic system as if it were going on our own homes.

Ongoing Support and Monitoring

We provide ongoing monitoring of your system to ensure things are running exactly the way they should be. If you ever have an issue, we’ll know about it before you have to worry about it. Let us solve the issue quickly to get your energy generation back on track.

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