When it comes to visitors at your stadium or entertainment venue, are you doing everything you can to give them the best experience possible? If you’re not offering EV charging stations, there’s more you could be doing to satisfy your fans. As a green company that offers ChargePoint EV charging, you could achieve sustainability goals, track your environmental impact, keep up with the increase of EV drivers, and ensure the availability of your EV charging stations. Contact Westside Solutions in West Michigan, an official distributor of ChargePoint EV charging stations.

Enable An EV Charging Network

With ChargePoint, you can create a network for visitors and fans to use if they want to use an EV charging station. This network allows visitors to reserve charging stations, as well as view the location and availability of charging stations. You can use the network to:

  • Set up flexible pricing options for different EV charging groups
  • Manage energy use and costs
  • Receive 24/7 real-time EV charging station status and function
  • Create usage reports and analytics
  • Enable remote and hassle-free support for EV charging stations

Increase Sustainability

As an entertainment or sports group, it’s important for your company to do its part to contribute to the sustainability of energy. By implementing EV charging stations for your visitors, you’ll help reduce your carbon footprint, as well as reduce the cost of fuel for visitors. This can help you meet green initiatives you’ve set for your company.

Track Your Impact on the Environment

Using ChargePoint EV charging stations allows you to track energy usage with reports and analytics, manage how much energy is being used, and adjust the cost of using different EV charging station groups.

Keep Up With Energy Trends

By 2025, it’s projected that 25 percent of vehicle sales will consist of EVs. As more of your fans start to drive electric vehicles, it’s important to keep up with energy-saving trends. Offering EV charging stations is a great way to not only maintain your business, but also to improve it. With us, you can offer the most technologically advanced experience for your tech-savvy fanbase.

Drive Fan Engagement

By using ChargePoint, you’ll be able to connect with the largest network of EV drivers. You can use this to offer special promotions and enable reservations so visitors will always have a place to plug in and charge.

Become A Green Leader

When you create a place for EV drivers to charge their vehicles during events, you contribute to the growing community of EVs. By making EV charging stations more accessible, you encourage your fans to invest in EVs and help reduce their carbon footprint. You also set an example for other companies to join the green community.

Get An Energy Audit

With the help of Westside Solutions in West Michigan, you can find out exactly how much it will cost to have EV charging stations installed at your stadium or venue. We offer free energy audits and are an official distributor of ChargePoint EV charging stations. Contact us today to get started on an energy- and money-saving project.

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