As consumers are becoming more tech-savvy and environmentally conscious, many are switching to eco-friendly modes of transportation, like electric vehicles. EVs lower fuel cost, improve the driving experience, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and, in some states, allow access to High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes. In order for consumers to use their EV to commute to and from work, though, they need access to EV charging at their workplace.

At Westside Solutions, we offer ChargePoint EV charging stations to businesses who want to become more environmentally friendly. We work with ChargePoint to install the Commercial Level 2 Charging Station, Commercial Service Plan, and Assure Warranty and Managed Services. Check out the benefits of having EV charging stations installed at your company, and contact Westside Solutions in Western Michigan when you decide to take this socially conscious step.

EVs Are Growing in Popularity

As the awareness of climate change and other environmental issues have increased, so has the general population’s desire to do something about it. Because of this, EVs have become more popular and more of your employees are opting to drive them. The use of EVs has increased tenfold in the last four years, and EV sales are projected to be at least 25 percent of car sales by 2025.

As more people choose to drive EVs, offering EV charging stations at the workplace is becoming a more important benefit to the working and commuting population.