When it comes to property management, you want to be doing everything you can to maintain or increase the value of your properties and the communities they’re in. As more and more people are switching to electric vehicles, the need for at-home EV charging has increased by seven times in the past four years. People who drive EVs generally have a higher education and make two times more money than the average citizen. By offering EV charging at your buildings and residences, you attract a more affluent demographic that can help raise the value of your properties and neighborhood.

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Attract a Greater Variety of Residents

As we mentioned, EV drivers have higher intelligence and earn more money, but they’re also tech-savvy, environmentally conscious, and financially responsible. These are all qualities to look for in desirable residents. When you offer EV charging stations, you’re more likely to attract and retain the high-value, green-minded residents.

Increase Revenue

When you provide a valuable amenity like EV charging, you’re able to raise your rent to reflect this value. Installing EV charging is an investment, but the return-on-investment is tenfold considering how much residents will be willing to pay.

Meet New Regulations

Larger cities are starting to require that a certain percentage of parking spaces have EV charging capabilities. This ranges from three to 20 percent depending on how densely populated the EV driving community is. It’s projected that the number of EV drivers will grow another 39 percent by 2020, so implementing EV charging stations now will help you get ahead of the curve.

Achieve Sustainability Goals

People have become more environmentally conscious and are making strides to protect the ecosystem. By installing EV charging stations at your properties, you take part in the green initiative and work to achieve sustainability goals for your properties’ communities.

Comply With New HOA Laws

Along with new city and state regulations, many HOAs are implementing laws and building standards that require accommodations for EV drivers. This can be done by creating individual EV charging stations if parking spots are assigned to specific residents or can be offered as community charging for shared parking, mixed-use lots, or valet parking.

Stand Out From Other Communities

By offering EV charging stations to residents, your community will stand out from the competition. While other property managers may wait to implement EV charging stations until their residents need them, you can anticipate that need and offer EV charging ahead of time to attract more EV drivers initially.


There are several logistics to consider before having EV charging stations installed at your properties. It’s important to consider the cost, energy use, and tech support needed to provide this as a quality service. With ChargePoint, though, you’ll be able to customize prices, limit users and energy use, and the ChargePoint network offers 24/7 support. As a distributor of ChargePoint, Westside Solutions can help you get started. Contact us today to learn more.