If you own a store or manage a retail franchise, increasing customer engagement is always something you can improve. There are ways to create a better experience and increase customer engagement without changing anything about your products. By offering more amenities to your customers’ shopping experience — like EV charging, for example — you’re more likely to attract new customers, retain customers, and prolong their visits to your store.

If you’re ready to offer EV charging at your store or would like to learn more about the benefits of EV charging, learn more here and contact Westside Solutions in West Michigan today for more information.

Attract High-Value Customers

85 percent of EV drivers have an income that’s higher than the national average — approximately $100,000 per year or greater. This factor makes EV drivers some of your most valuable customers to appeal to. By offering EV charging at your store, you will attract more of these customers.

70 percent of EV drivers are connected to the ChargePoint mobile app, so as soon as your EV charging stations are online, users will be able to see their location. Without even trying, this will help market your business to people who may not otherwise choose to shop at your store.

Track Customer Behavior

Number Of Charging Sessions

ChargePoint EV charging stations are connected to a cloud-based network. Not only can drivers see the charging stations on the mobile app using this network, but you’ll also be able to track individual users, energy usage, and costs. In a study done with one retail company, EV charging sessions were documented on six EV charging stations for nine months. In that time, the network recorded over 1,100 individual EV charging sessions.

Length Of Charging Sessions

This data was also used to track charging time. The average EV charging session lasted for approximately 72 minutes, which was 50 minutes longer than the average dwell time before implementing EV charging stations — that’s a 327 percent increase!

Amount & Cost Of Energy Used

Though pricing can be set for the use of EV charging stations, the retail company found that it wasn’t necessary. For the 3,910 kilowatts hours dispensed, this cost the company approximately $430. However, with the average spend of $1 per minute in the store, the retail company decided that they could offer this amenity for free and still keep operational costs low.

Accommodate All EV Drivers

ChargePoint offers the CT2021 dual-port EV charging station, a Level 2 EV charging system that can be used to charge every type of EV model on the market. When you implement ChargePoint EV charging at your store, you’ll be able to connect with a larger audience on the mobile app; retain more customers with such a valuable amenity; and track the number of sessions, length of sessions, and the amount and cost of energy used.

Your store will become a green leader within the community of consumers and achieve its sustainability goals. If you’re ready to install ChargePoint EV charging stations at your place of business, contact Westside Solutions in West Michigan today.