In today’s business environment, productivity is a highly important concept. And while certain concepts are well known for influencing productivity, lighting is one that gets left in the dark.

Consider this: the American Society of Interior Design recently released a survey stating that 68% of employees are dissatisfied by the lighting situation in their offices. When asked to elaborate, the two most common complaints were that lighting was too dim or that the lighting was too harsh. It’s fascinating that so many employees commented on the same two details, which implies that many employers are making the same mistakes.

But does it have to become a massive pain in the neck to retrofit your office or industrial workspace with superior LED lighting? Not at all; in fact, investing in cutting-edge LED lighting proves to be a savvy move, and one that pays off in numerous ways. When you upgrade your business to LED lighting, you can expect to save big on your energy costs and reduce energy consumption by up to 70%.

Plus, longer-lasting LED bulbs mean less time spent on maintenance. You also have unprecedented design flexibility, so workers can receive the right amount of lighting in the right places.

Westside Solutions has been in the business of providing, retrofitting, and installing LED lighting for nearly 10 years. In that time, we’ve managed to make the entire process fast, efficient, and easy. From fast and free estimates to installation that doesn’t require your involvement, and efficient handling of rebate paperwork, we’re all about brightening your workspace the right way.

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