WSI “Curb to Cooler®” Site Transformation

WSI manages energy efficiency projects for petroleum distributors and dealer networks utilizing a “Curb to Cooler®” site transformation package.

Schedule a FREE energy efficiency Site Audit and WSI will provide a no-obligation project proposal that includes LED replacements for interior and exterior applications, EC Motors for coolers and freezers, and Anti-Sweat Door Heat Controllers.  Each proposal calculates estimated energy savings, payback period, IRR, and brand specific and utility rebates for a total cost of ownership comparison.

EV Charging

Westside Solutions provides fast-charging technology engineered to quickly recharge electric vehicles of all makes and sizes, the ChargePoint Express is ideal for any electric vehicle owner. The high-efficiency power conversion reduces electricity costs and waste. Each station supports all past and present battery packs ranging from 200 to 1000 volts and is equipped with two power modules that can deliver up to 62.5 kilowatts. Interested? Contact us to learn more!