Energy Efficiency

WSI manages sustainability focused projects for commercial, industrial and petroleum market customers. Energy efficiency upgrades that WSI offers include LED Lighting, EC Motors, and Anti-Sweat Controls for refrigeration and HVAC Retrofits.

EV Charging Stations

WSI has partnered with ChargePoint EV Charging to bring EV Charging Stations to our commercial customers. ChargePoint brings electric vehicle (EV) charging to more people and places than ever before with the world’s largest open EV charging network. ChargePoint designs, builds, and supports all of the technology that powers this network from EV charging station hardware to energy management software, as well as a mobile app. Our work transforms transportation and energy use by helping more people choose to drive electric.

ChargePoints EV charging stations, mobile app, and network make it easy to charge EVs anywhere. Our energy management solutions help people and businesses shift away from fossil fuels. In turn, we also manage the growing demand for EV charging. Our work with multiple stakeholders from automakers to individual businesses paves the way for widespread EV adoption.

Every day, we add more drivers and businesses to our network because driving an EV makes the most sense. That’s what we’re all about: driving a better way™.