Level 2 Charging – CT4000

Welcome to the newest generation of commercial charging stations. With a full-motion color LCD display for driver instruction and custom video advertisements, as well as intelligent power-management options, your customers can all have access to these charging stations with ease and comfort. Two charging ports can share a single circuit when needed, and sites with single-port EV stations can even upgrade to dual port stations without needing to purchase any additional electrical service.

The CT4000 is the first ENERGY STAR®-certified EV charger. With power conservation capabilities, you can receive a quality charge while saving money on your utility bill. Each CT4000 offers one or two SAE J1772™ Level 2 charging ports, each of which supplying up to 7.2 kW. Whether you prefer bollard or wall mount configurations, both are available to make installation easy, no matter where you are.

Choose between our six-foot model and our 8-foot model with 18- and 23-foot cords, respectively. Our size and cord options make serving up to four parking spaces easier than ever, regardless of the style of vehicle.

  • Driver-friend interface
  • Easy communication
  • Reliable products and support
  • Energy measurement and management capabilities
  • Cost minimization through flexible power management options
  • Clean cord technology
  • Reliable, energy-efficient hardware
  • Investment protection

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CT4000 Brochure

CT 4000 Spec Sheet

Level 3 Charging – CPE 250

Industry-leading DC fast-charging technology has inspired the ChargePoint Express 250, allowing electric cars, buses, and trucks to charge quickly and efficiently. With each station containing two power modules, your vehicle can receive up to 62.5 kW in just one charge. From old to new battery packs, 200 to 1000 V, both legacy and future battery packs can get the charge they need. More than 96 percent energy efficiency reduces both wasted energy and the costs of electricity.

Charging stations can be equipped with up to three different connectors, allowing you to choose the best fit for your vehicle. The user-friendly design allows drivers to intuitively charge the car or truck. Interact with instructions or promotions on the 10-inch LED display and see which stations are available on a 20-inch LED display. With the ChargePoint mobile app, drivers will be able to locate stations, get in line, start charging immediately, and even track their charging status.

ChargePoint Cloud Services give station owners the freedom to adjust their charging stations to meet their unique needs. With features that allow you to manage energy prices, support advanced pricing models, and control who can use the station, the power is in your hands. Automatic software upgrades ensure your customers are always getting access to the latest and greatest features.

  • Driver engagement
  • Compatible with all electric vehicles
  • Cloud-based station management
  • Available anywhere
  • Investment protection
  • Mobile and in-dash integration

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