Westside Solutions is proud to provide a number of green and cutting-edge projects for your gas station or convenience store.  When WSI retrofits a facility with LED lighting benefits are noticed by distributors and dealers alike.  These benefits include longer fixture life surpassing traditional incandescent lighting while boasting energy savings and virtually removing maintenance costs.

WSI offers several LED product options as well as smart technology motor and temperature control products which are hand chosen through a robust audit process.  WSI’s products are vetted and chosen through evaluations of manufacturing process controls, design review, and affordability for end customers.  This provides a maximum quality guarantee as well the ability for WSI to offer a 5-year product warranty and a 1-year maintenance contract for products listed below.

Utilizing LED options, WSI is able to qualify projects for product specific brand rebates, as well as local utility rebates around the US.  As Trade Ally’s in numerous utility programs, WSI is able to handle rebate processing from start to finish creating added value for end customers.

Products provided and installed by WSI include:

  • C-Store Lighting: WSI offers a complete “Suite of Products” that lead to the “Total Site Transformation” of Convenience Store (C-Store) and gas station locations.
  • Exterior Lighting – Whether it’s 2:00 AM on a summer’s night, or noon during a January blizzard, your customers and employees need exterior lighting that’s bright and clear, no matter the circumstances.
  • Industrial Lighting -Looking for ways to bring down your energy bill? Look no further, because LED lighting gives you a far longer lifespan and far greater energy efficiency.
  • Office Lighting – When someone enters your place of business, you want them to have a positive impression. With the design flexibility of LED lighting, you can achieve lighting effects to brighten the mind and the mood.
  • Parking Garage Lighting – Parking garages demand to be well-lit areas. LED lighting is designed to focus light to specific locations, so secure areas can be illuminated faster and more efficiently.