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Westside Solutions Incorporated (WSI) transforms complete indoor and outdoor areas using high quality energy efficient products for various “verticals” in the marketplace.  These verticals include commercial facilities, industrial facilities, school facilities, municipality locations/applications, agricultural facilities, office buildings, parking lots and street lights. With a specialization in c-stores and gas stations through its “Curb to Cooler” concept, WSI has completed “Total Site Transformations” in locations covering Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Texas, Oklahoma, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Minnesota.

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It’s Like Working In Natural Daylight

“These lights cheer me up, it’s like working in natural daylight. I feel more alert and awake than I did under the old fluorescent lights.”

From the law firm of Kreis, Enderle, Hudgins & Boros, P.C.

Carol Burke, Legal Assistant

Gives Me More Energy

“I love our new LED lights! They provide a clean, white light that truly gives me more energy and a positive work environment. It’s like working outside.”

From the law firm of Kreis, Enderle, Hudgins & Boros, P.C.

Sandy Babcock, Paralegal

Just Easier To Do My Work Now

“These lights are awesome. I review documents all day, and these LED lights make them easier to read. I experience less eye strain, I can see my computer screen better, words on paper are crisper and clearer, its just easier to do my work now.”

From the law firm of Kreis, Enderle, Hudgins & Boros, P.C.

Deb Spiegelberg, Billing Supervisor

A Sound Decision

“Looking down the road toward project payback, this initial investment to convert to LED lighting was a sound decision both aesthetically and financially. All of our employees have reacted positively and are enjoying their upgraded working conditions.”

From the law firm of Kreis, Enderle, Hudgins & Boros, P.C.

Mike Beam, Controller

I Am Very Happy

 “I am very happy with the performance and cost savings of these induction lamps and recommend their usage on future projects.”

William Lupien Superintendant of Engineering Services City of Aburn

Very Pleased

I have been very pleased with WSI’s ability to manage and execute this project with industry exceeding standards.”

Terry Dale WDP's Maintenance/Project Manager