If you’re an owner of a hotel or other business that offers hospitality services, there’s potential to reach an entirely new demographic of guests when you implement EV charging at your facility. ChargePoint offers smart EV charging stations that you can customize for your guests and other customers to use. By offering EV charging, you get ahead of the curve on the growing trend of EV drivers, you become more visible to EV drivers who use the ChargePoint mobile app, and you help your business achieve its sustainability goals while helping your guests achieve theirs.

Get started having EV charging stations installed at your hotel; contact Westside Solutions in West Michigan today. As an official distributor of ChargePoint EV charging stations, we will assist in installation and show you how to use the technologically advanced system.

Get Ahead of the EV Driving Curve

By 2025, it’s estimated that 25 percent of vehicles sold will be electric. This means that an entire demographic of drivers will be looking for specific hotels that offer EV charging when they need to travel. By installing smart EV charging at your hotel or hospitality facility, you’ll attract new and repeat guests and customers who are EV drivers.

Not only that, but ChargePoint smart EV charging stations support all of the EV models currently on the market, so you won’t be limited to any certain model by offering ChargePoint stations. By becoming more accommodating to a variety of guests, you’ll receive higher reviews and become a top-rated hotel.

Become Instantly Visible On Travel Apps

Approximately 70 percent of EV drivers are connected to the ChargePoint network and mobile app. When you install ChargePoint EV charging stations at your business’s location, you become instantly visible to thousands of traveling EV drivers.

You’ll also become a GreenLeader on travel apps like TripAdvisor. This is a key amenity that will help you stand out amongst the variety of other lodging options in your area.  

Achieve Sustainability Goals

As we become more environmentally conscious, it’s important to set goals to help protect the ecosystem. When you choose to install EV charging stations at your hotel, you’ll help your business reach its goals for green initiatives. Not only that, but you’ll be helping your EV-driving guests reach their personal environmental goals.

EV charging offers a variety of benefits to the environment — EVs help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and smart EV charging allows you to track that, plus the usage, costs, and revenue of your stations. You can also receive environmental analytics and reports so that you have tangible data on how you’re helping preserve the environment. This information can be used to market to guests and increase occupancy.


All it takes is a few ChargePoint Smart EV Charging stations to make a difference. Attract more guests and customers, become more visible on traveling apps, and become a GreenLeader in environmental initiatives. Contact Westside Solutions in West Michigan today to learn more about the benefits of ChargePoint EV charging stations and start installation.

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