Substantial Energy Savings

When compared to other lighting options such as high intensity discharge (HID), fluorescent tubes, incandescent bulbs and compact fluorescent lights (CFL), LED (light-emitting diode) uses far less energy. Average energy consumption with LED is 60-80% lower than traditional lighting systems.

Before-AfterLower Maintenance

LED lighting fixtures are recognized as long life products. A well designed and consistently manufactured LED lighting fixture can approach 25 years of effective use (L70).  In part, this is due to the very low annual lumen loss of LED’s (1-3% per year).  This is in comparison to HID and Fluorescent lighting technology that historically reaches its end of effective use at 18 months. This virtually eliminates the cost of replacement bulbs and typical maintenance labor and equipment costs for such replacement.

Improved Lighting Levels

Well designed and consistently manufactured LED lighting fixtures offer clean, crisp light when compared to traditional lighting systems.  Coupled with the inherent lumen depreciation benefit of LED (loss of brightness overtime), areas that are illuminated by LED lighting fixtures are much more visually appealing in nature than traditional lighting technologies. Due to the directional nature of LED’s, properly chosen fixtures can offer greater consistency and higher quality lighting distributions in targeted areas. Finally, with a color rendering index (CRI) of 80+ and Kelvin temperatures ranging from 3500-5000, the visual acuity in the area illuminated by LED fixtures is crisper and creates a naturally higher comfort level.

Durability and Safety

1980 Int. b&aLED is a solid state technology, meaning that it has no moving parts (they are filament-free). This makes LED’s vibration resistant in any location. Traditional lighting systems can crack, shatter or burn out easily with vibration or sudden movement. Another consideration is that LED bulbs do not contain potentially harmful gases or chemicals. Incandescent, HID, and fluorescent lighting systems contain halogen, radioactive xenon or krypton, and some form of mercury.

More Affordable than Ever

WSI offers extremely competitive pricing on LED lighting fixtures.  This opportunity exists due in part to the increase in lumens per watt offered by LED technology.  This technology combined with WSI’s ongoing supplier development activities and volume purchases from its manufacturing partners allows WSI to offer better pricing to every customer it works with, large or small.

Additionally, utility companies are offering substantial incentives to transform all lighting and refrigeration applications to energy efficient technologies.  WSI is a Designated Trade Ally with numerous utility companies nationwide and has an expert in house that allows for accurate and timely processing of all required rebate documentation.

Links to other facts about LED lighting:

Top Reasons to Use LED:

  • Uses up to 80% less energy
  • Life cycle 20 years +
  • Does not get hot
  • Clearer/sharper look
  • Rebates and financing available to cover upgrade costs


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