We’re Your Curb To Cooler® Guys!

Convenience stores have a long history in the U.S., with the first convenience store chain opening in 1927, the first 24-hour store opening in 1963 (Las Vegas), and with the industry recording its first $1 billion in sales in 1966. Fast forward to 2015, with approximately 100 million Americans doing some form of shopping at convenience stores, which has created a competitive market for c-store owners.

WSI recognizes this competition and has established a business model to aid store owners in creating a competitive advantage using multi-functioning, energy-efficient products.  By retrofitting or installing LED lighting within the interior of an establishment, store owners can reduce costs and improve the quality of lighting, which is proven to increase in-store purchases.

Substituting traditional incandescent lighting with LED lighting offers cutting-edge technology which not only has a far longer lifespan, but also requires much less energy to run. LED lighting also offers the benefits of design flexibility in product focus by highlighting specific coolers, dimming dining areas, or simply improving the overall look of the store.

At Westside Solutions, we know that your gas station or convenience store needs every advantage it can get — from Curb to Cooler®. That’s why, for nearly 10 years, we’ve been the leader in LED installation and products for our petroleum partners.

WSI offers a complete suite of products that lead to the “Total Site Transformation” of convenience store (c-store) and gas station locations. This “Suite of Products” covers all outdoor lighting applications to include conversion to LED canopy, LED area/pole, LED soffit, and LED wall pack lights, and all indoor lighting applications to include conversion to LED overhead, and LED cooler lights.

As part of the Curb to Cooler® approach, WSI also offers smart technology evaporator fan motors and door heat control systems. Many local utility companies around the country reward customers for “bundling” products by issuing a rebate bonus for installing the complete “Suite of Products” below.