Whether for residential or commercial use, the ability to offer EV charging stations offers incredible benefits for EV drivers as well as for the businesses that offer these services. Whether you’re a landlord, property manager, store owner, hospitality business owner, or an owner of an entertainment venue, there are a variety of ways that you can benefit from offering EV charging stations to your residents or customers through the rebate program that Westside Solutions offers. 

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EV charging stations are now more convenient than ever with Michigan’s rebate program, PowerMIDrive™. This program helps improve the grid for EV drivers as well as how much control they have over their travel experience. Drivers can now rely on their preferred vehicle for more errands and road trips because businesses are seeing the increasing value of offering EV charging stations.

An Improved Grid

In an effort to make EV charging more accessible in more areas, PowerMIDrive™ offers great rebate programs to businesses so that more charging stations are available for more EV drivers. 

With these efforts, EV drivers can rely on a more efficient charging grid available to them. Not only that, but more locations offer faster charging for an even better EV driving experience. This program also offers benefits to EV drivers for charging during off-peak hours to manage the demand for power to the EV charging grid. Not only do these offers benefit those who take advantage of them, but it helps maintain the cost of EV charging for everyone.

Different Rebate Programs

Westside Solutions understands that offering EV charging stations isn’t a one-size-fits-all option for businesses. For this reason, the PowerMIDrive™ rebate program is designed to offer different types of rebates depending on the investment. Please note that the residential rebate program is not part of what we offer through Westside Solutions, but we do offer great incentives for commercial use.


While we don’t offer the residential rebate, it’s still worth noting this amazing offer. If you’re a Consumers Energy residential member, own a plug-in EV, and install an approved Level 2 electric car charging station at your home, you are eligible for a $400 rebate.

In order to qualify for this rebate, a Level 2 EV charging station must have data-sharing capabilities and be compatible with approved networks. If you’re interested in installing a Level 2 EV charging station at your home, click here to learn more about taking advantage of the PowerMIDrive™ residential rebate.

Public Level 2

As a business owner, you have two options when deciding to install one or more EV charging stations at your place of business. The first option is to install Level 2 EV charging stations for up to a $5,000 rebate.

To qualify for this rebate, you will need to act as soon as possible! We have a limited number of rebates that we are able to offer. You must be a business customer of Consumers Energy and install at least one Level 2 EV charger for your employees to use, customers to use, or tenants to use if you own a multi-family living complex.

Public Level 3 DC Fast Charger

The second option you have for commercial charging is to have a Level 3 DC Fast Charger installed. The DCFC offers the fastest and most powerful charging for electric vehicles and is a great way to attract more customers, employees, or tenants.

Not only is this a better EV charging station, but we’re offering our highest rebate! You can qualify for up to $70,000 when you install at least one Level 3 EV charging station at your business. This offer is also limited, so apply as soon as possible if you’re interested.

Professional Installation

An EV charging station is only going to work as well as the person who installs it, so trust the professionals at Westside Solutions to make sure you and your customers get the most out of your EV charging stations.

Learn more about the benefits of EV charging stations, and contact our team is Western Michigan to get started.