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Westside Solutions is a Proud Premier Plus Chargepoint Partner

Implementing New Technology Flawlessly

At Westside Solutions, we are committed to providing our commercial customers with the best technology solutions and sustainability practices. Our extensive experience and expertise in executing government grants makes new technology implementations virtually frictionless for our customers. Keep reading to learn more about how we’ve helped gas stations and other commercial customers over the years or to better understand our 5-phase process when it comes to our EV Charging projects. As always, be sure to get in touch with us at Westside Solutions with any questions you may have!

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In 2020, Westside Solutions helped gas stations by:

  • Winning grant funding for 40 Fast Charging (DCFC) sites
  • Installing Chargers at 30 DCFC Sites
  • Installing 60 DCFC's total
  • Installing more than 50 L2 chargers
  • Securing over $5,500,000 in incentive funding

Our 5-Phase EV Charging Project Process

Phase 1: Project Discovery & Planning

Westside Solutions will audit all of your potential sites. During this phase, we will suggest which sites are best suited to be awarded external funding, while ensuring sites are good candidates for utilization as the EV market grows. We will also reach out to local municipalities to understand zoning and permitting requirements. If required, we will handle all site plans, designs, and even recommend charger placement.This phase requires some opinions and approvals, but Westside Solutions handles the heavy lifting.

Phase 2: Grant Submission & Approval

After careful site selection, Westside Solutions will submit all requirements for external funding. It is imperative that we submit applications quickly as many programs are awarded on a first come first serve basis. Having worked with grant, rebate, and incentive programs for more than a decade we have a strong understanding of the site metrics used to select where the money is awarded.

Phase 3: Initial Installation

Once we have external funding approved, it is time to break ground. Our crews will arrive on site and lay the underground electrical needed to run the chargers and the pour concrete and the charger mounting equipment that is set in the concrete. Our groundwork for two chargers is done in one day. After the initial installation is complete, our installer will call in an electrical inspection. Once the work has a green tag, Westside Solutions notifies the utility that we are ready for them to bring in the new power if the chargers require it.

Phase 4: Charger Activation

Most utilities have up to 18 days to bring in new power. Once it is ready, the Westside Solutions crews will return to your site to mount the chargers on the concrete pad and activate them. From this day forward, your chargers will draw new customers to your site who will have some dwell time, which gives them ample time to spend money in your store.

Phase 5: Project Closeout & Training

After installation is complete, Westside Solutions will request a few documents that will be required to finalize your project with the external funding ensuring your rebate/incentive checks are delivered in a timely fashion. Once we submit the final documents, we will work with you to get the appropriate people on your team that are trained in managing the stations through the software network. Our relationship does not end when the training is over, Westside Solutions has been built on nurturing relationships — ensuring that we are always here to answer your questions and support your needs. If you can dream it, Westside Solutions can execute it.

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